Terms and Conditions

Our Shopping Cart Functionality has just received an upgrade! We now offer the ability to add full Terms & Conditions, a Privacy Policy, and Returns & Refunds policies to your pages. 

While we know that some businesses may already have the text ready to go for each of these sections, we also know that many may not. For our clients in the USA, Canada, The United Kingdom, and India that don’t have something oven-baked and ready to go, we’ve got comprehensive text for each section that you can add to your page!

Please note that these Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Returns & Refunds policies have been written as a base for you to easily adapt to your needs. These texts are generic enough to fit most businesses, but you’ll need to read through them and customise them to suit the reality of your business. So if you offer a 30-day window to return unwanted items or only accept faulty items as returns, make this clear in the Returns & Refunds policies section before you add it to your website.